Extraordinary Relationships don’t happen by accident. They’re created by partner’s who understand what it takes to work. “A Successful and happy relationships are made up of partners who possess a deep understanding of human emotions and their subsequent behavioral outcomes.let’s see how it works.




Talk is cheap and silence is golden.like they said , almost in all cases.but obviously not in a relationship. When you’re in love, communication helps open up both your minds and creates a better bond. Do both of you spend your evenings after work watching your favorite program on telly.?, and hardly talk about anything with each other! It may seem like a perfect way to relax after a tiring and long day at work.This SILENCE will disconnect both of you from each other. And soon both of you won’t have anything to share with each other because your minds and thought are so far apart.



Be that person they can come to with their problems. If they’re continuously worried about what you will think of them, or that you will judge them. They will find someone else to confide in. Provide them with a SAFE and SECURE environment in which they can share their deepest insecurities and feelings.




IN a successful relationships each person needs to feel a sense of support and optimism in the connection. When partnerships are supportive they are infused with hope giving each person the consistent sense that things can only get better as they continue to work together.




TRUST is one of the basic need which every relationship needs to possess.  Partners must view the relationship as a collaborative effort backed by loyalty and commitment. If the relationship is in trouble and in need of support or guidance the partners trust they can come together in a way where needs and concerns can be met and realized. take heed. Sustaining relationships are made up of people who view each other as necessary equals and show a mutual respect for each other’s differences.




Is A feeling deep admiration for someone or something.

Respect for each other is crucial in a relationship. If you don’t respect your partner.your partner would start to shy away from giving suggestions or even playing a part in the functioning of the relationship. And almost all the time, your partner will end up getting attracted to someone else who respects them and likes them for who they are.




Partners are open to understanding that constant nagging places blocks to deeper intimacy. A certain amount of openness and personal freedom is what makes relationships go the distance. note: Great relationships enjoy the element of being open to being surprised by their partner’s.




Every Successful relationships allows for regular time for each person to welcome silent reflection. In silence each person can see more clearly what is essential for themselves, their partner and the larger goals of the relationship.



Why do we lie.?it could be to avoid getting hurt nor to prevent drama which ever ways.it should be in moderation not to exceed the limit. When you find yourself lying about serious issues, or trying to cover up for yourself, you know you’ve taken it too far. Honesty is quite very importance in a relationship. Without it, you lose your trust and then there’s no way to save whatever you may have with them.remember don’t make it a habit.

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